Sexual Medicine

For many years it was taboo for women to talk about sexual function (or dysfunction). Not only could they not talk to their friends or partner, they also could not talk to their doctors, because most physicians were unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the topic. But in the past few years there have been many advances in dealing with female sexual medicine.

In our practice, we work with many women with pain syndromes such as vulvodynia, vestibulitis or dysparunia. Up to 8% of all women have pain with intercourse at some point in their life. Of those, a percentage have pain all the time, which greatly affects their sexual health.

In addition to pain related issues, we also help women who have problems with desire, arousal, or orgasm.

We always meet and get to know new patients, take a full history and physical (including a pelvic floor exam which can be painful for some women who already have pain symptoms). We will then develop an integrated program combining medicine with physical therapy and psychotherapy as needed.